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Creating The Perfect Tan Tanned skin is beautiful. It makes you look healthy, active and alive. But getting the perfect tan has always been a challenge, until now. SunFX spray tans will give you a stunning, natural looking tan that is perfectly even from head to toe. It’s faster than sun baking, or solarium treatments and unlike other alternatives a SunFX tan will give you ideal coverage and the most natural color. Best of all, SunFX tanning solutions are made from 100% all natural ingredients. No more applying chemicals to your skin in an attempt to look tanned. No more spending hours cooking your skin in the sun. Just a quick, natural, beautiful tan in only minutes. So how do you get the perfect tan? Well here are the 7 simple steps that you need to take to create the perfect tan:

STEP 1: Book an appointment with a SunFX approved salon There are many cheap imitations out there, none of which offer the quality, range or features of a SunFX spray tan. To find your nearest SunFX approved salon, and ensure that you are getting the best possible tan, check out our salon locater page.

STEP 2: Cleanse and ex foliate To ensure the most even coverage and longest lasting tanning results, it is imperative that you ex foliate thoroughly prior to your appointment. Ex foliating removes any layers of dry, dead skin cells ensuring that your spray tan is applied to fresh new skin cells. We recommend that you cleanse and ex foliate using SunFX Body Wash and SunFX Body Polish. It is important that you pay attention to any areas of rough skin such as knees, ankles, elbows, heels and the tops of your feet. It is also advisable that you wax or shave at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, and avoid using deodorants, moisturizers, perfume or make-up on the day of your appointment as these can reduce the effectiveness of your SunFX spray on tan.

STEP 3: Suitable attire Whilst SunFX tanning solutions do not typically stain clothing, it is best to wear loose fitting, comfortable dark clothing to your appointment. Any slight rub-off on your clothing should wash out easily, however light colored leather, acrylic or other sensitive fabrics may be harder to clean and therefore should not be worn to, or immediately after your appointment.

STEP 4: The consultation Unlike many other forms of beauty treatment, your tanning consultation will be reasonably brief, however your SunFX approved tanning technician will have some important questions that they will want to ask you. Most of these focus around the level of tanning you want to achieve, whether you want a subtle, standard or deep tan. They may also discuss with you your plans immediately after the tanning session, to help them decide on the best type of solution to achieve your tanning goals. Aside from this your technician will be paying close attention to your skin type to help identify the best level of solution, and may have some questions around skin sensitivity. If this is your first SunFX spray tan, then your technician may advise do a spot test on a discrete area of skin to ensure that you do not experience any adverse reactions. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want during this consultation, as your technician will be only too happy to explain things to you.

STEP 5: The application The spray tan application itself takes only 5 minutes and feels touch dry almost immediately. Thanks to the unique design of the SunFX Pro Spray Applicator, there is little to no over-spray ensuring your comfort during the application process. Your salon will however most likely have ear and nose plugs as well as eye protection should you feel you require them. The purpose built SunFX turbines emit low noise levels further adding to your comfort during the application process. When getting your SunFX spray on tan you can wear as little or as much clothing as you are comfortable with. Whilst most people choose to only wear a G-String, others prefer to wear a full bathing suit, the choice is entirely yours and will depend on how much coverage you wish to achieve. All SunFX trained tanning technicians operate in a completely discrete manner and fully respect client confidentiality, giving you the customer complete peace of mind. STEP 6: After tan care Once your SunFX spray tan has been applied, the tanning process now begins. The all natural tanning agent contained in the SunFX tanning solution reacts with the amino acids in the skin to create a beautifully natural tan. This process takes 2 to 3 hours in which your tan will continue to develop. You should not shower for at least 8 hours after application, unless your tan has been created using the SunFX Rapid solution, in which case you may shower after only 2 hours. You should also avoid any of the following activities for at least 5 hours after your tanning application:
  • Water
  • Saunas/Spas
  • Physical Exercise/Sweating
  • Swimming
  • Tight Fitting Clothing

STEP 7: Extending your tan Providing you have followed these instructions up to this point, your new SunFX tan should last you for up to 5 to 7 days, depending on factors such as your skin type, lifestyles, activities etc. Some people may even find that their SunFX tan lasts for as long as 10 days. But there is a way to extend the life of your salon tan, no matter what your lifestyle of skin type. Regularly moisturizing your skin with SunFX Tan Extender or SunFX Summer’s Secret will definitely extend the overall life of your tan. You can even extend an highlight your tan with our gorgeous SunFX Body Shimmer. To find out more, simply ask your beauty technician for the SunFX product that best suits your needs.
Our Solutions:
We are not all the same. We each have different complexions, skin types and even lifestyles. To think that one or two tanning solutions can give beautifully natural looking tans to all people is crazy. Which is why at SunFX we have blown away the competition by creating 10 different solutions, ensuring that you achieve the exact color you desire.
Whether you want a subtle tan that softens the skin ever so slightly, or a deep, rich, chocolate colored tan that really gets noticed, SunFX has a tanning solution to suit your needs. To find out more about our stunning range of world leading tanning solutions, simply click on the links below. You’ll be amazed at our comprehensive range of tanning solutions.
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